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We believe that every home and every building needs commercial window cleaning services tailored to their needs and budget. We perform the best and most thorough residential and commercial window washing Gilbert has to offer. We are committed to providing the best window washing service with the best prices and would be happy to create a custom cleaning solution for your home or business. We take pride in knowing we are the best Gilbert window cleaning company.

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Window Cleaning

Bring back your home’s curb appeal with sparkling clean and happy windows. Window cleaning can be a tedious and sometimes dangerous job. Thee Window Cleaning Ninjas will take care of all your window cleaning needs with professional quality you can trust. Contact us now for your free personalized quote to bring your windows back to life!

Window Cleaning

Pressure Washing

If left untreated, algae, moss, and mildew can wreak havoc on your home and the health of your family as well. Don’t run the risk of having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix major issues these pesky invaders cause. Hire the low-pressure washing professionals to get the job done at an affordable price! 

Pressure Washing

Sun Screen Installation

In order to keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer, solar screens are essential, but there are many companies out there who do not employ the most favorable techniques when installing these screens.  If you want the best sun screen installation in Gilbert AZ, we are it!

Sun Screen Installation

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Ryan & Brittney were punctual, professional, and very courteous and polite. They did a fantastic job with their window cleaning! They have affordable pricing, great communication skills, and outstanding customer service. Overall, my experience with Thee Window Ninjas was very positive! I would highly recommend using their services. We’ll definitely hire them again!

michele Farabee


Window Washing Gilbert

Thee Window Ninjas did a great job and they were very thorough and respectful. My windows are sparkling clear now after being extra dirty from so much dust. I appreciated the appointment reminder and their courteous communications. Thank you so much! I highly recommend their window washing services.

linda damron


Affordable Window Cleaning

Ryan showed up to clean my windows that are very old and had well saltwater spots & streaks that sat on them through the hot summer.. I was sure there was not much he could do but I had to try.. The windows came out great.. The price was very reasonable.. Couldn’t be any happier thanks again Thee Window Ninjas! You exceeded all expectations! Thank you

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Thee Window Ninjas FAQs

How Do Window Cleaners Use Poles To Wash Windows

Gone are the days where the use of ladders was the only way to clean windows in high stories, now thanks to the invention of the water fed pole system you can clean windows up to 7 stories high without any risk of injury.

The water fed pole is a telescopic pole that comes with a brush and water jet. The system only uses pure water because it doesn’t leave any residue or water spots in the windows, the water is pumped up the poles and with the brush, you can scrub away the dirt and then rinse it away. They can let it dry naturally because the pure water leaves a perfect finish. Window cleaners can use the water fed pole system to clean not only the window glass but also the frames, the windows will stay cleaner for longer. The purified water is kept on a tank or the tap water is filtered through a reverse osmosis system or de-ionization system.

Waterfed pole systems allow professional window washers to finish the job in a short amount of time and ensure long-lasting results.

Simpole waterfed poles has provided us with the great information!

How do I Prepare for window cleaning?

This is a great question that can be very helpful for both you and the company that comes in to clean your windows. If the cleaners will be coming into your home, then take a look around and make sure any furniture that is blocking the windows is moved out of the way. If the window can be reached without moving furniture, then don’t bother. You should take any picture frames, or knick-knacks out of window sills. These can get accidentally knocked down or broken. You should not remove screens, let them do this. They are trained to remove and install screens. If you try yourself, you may end up bending or breaking your own screens.

Special thanks to Squeaky Service Window Cleaning for answering this question for us!

How much does it cost to get house windows cleaned?

As a homeowner, you will want to know how much window washing will dig into your pocketbook. Before we start, remember what your time is worth too. You can take the time to call 3 to 5 different window cleaning companies, but the truth of the matter is that they will all probably be within $5 to $10 of each other. You may want to consider who you are working with more than what it will cost. That being said, the normal cost to clean windows is usually charged on a per pane basis. You should plan to pay between $7 to $9 per window pane for inside and outside window cleaning services.

Desiree from America’s Best Window Cleaning provided us with this insight.

Why are my windows streaky after I clean them?

I know when I tried cleaning windows years ago before I knew how to use a squeegee, every time I tried to clean them, there was always a streak. The worse part was I couldn’t figure out if it was on the inside or the outside! Here is why windows streak when most people try cleaning them. They insist on using a “special formula” to clean the window. The truth is it does not mater the formula because you are using a rag, newspaper or paper towel to wipe it clean. All you really are doing is moving the dirt around on your glass. A squeegee is needed to get windows spotless and streak-free.

You can click here to learn more from Finicky: Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

How often do high rise windows get washed?

High rise windows are some of the most difficult windows to wash. Sometimes cleaning a high rise tower can take several weeks just to complete.  These job sites need to have some of the highest skilled workers in the industry, and they need to know and observe many OSHA window cleaning safety & standards.

How often do these buildings get cleaned?  We asked Steve from Professional Window Cleaning in Tempe, AZ.  Steve said some of their high rise buildings only get cleaned 2 times per year, while others typically get cleaned 3 or 4 times per year.  He also mentioned that one of their high rise condominiums get cleaned 6 times a year!  I guess it depends on how clean the building owner wants to keep their building.

What is the best gutter cleaning tool?

If you are trying to clean your own gutters, or have a gutter cleaning business, then you will find out sooner or later that cleaning gutters is not a simple process.  What exactly do the professionals use and what is the best tool to use?

If you are standing on the roof, then you can use a backpack blower to blow out the debris.  Accessing the gutters by using a ladder presents a different problem because you cannot use a blower.  You can use The 2nd Generation Gutter tool sold online.

Here is a video that shows how to use it:

What does gutter cleaning include?

Gutter cleaning is quite the house chore!  Climbing ladders, getting all the leaves and pine needles out of the gutter, bagging up all the mess, and doing it all without falling or injury.

When you hire a company to clean the gutters for you, what should it include?  Most times cleaning gutters include:

  • Cleaning all the leaves and pine needles out of the gutters
  • Flushing out the downspouts to make sure they are not blocked
  • Cleaning up all the leaves or pine needles that may have fallen on the ground
  • Hauling away all the trash

Thanks to our experts at Madison Window Cleaning in Wisconsin for this information.

Why is ammonia used in window cleaner?

Ammonia has been connected with window washing for decades.  So, does it work? Is it really necessary?  Let’s ask Nick at Century Pyramid Building Maintenance in California to get the real scoop on ammonia.

When asked, James stated the ammonia is good for cutting hard dirt.  It will essentially help you scrub less to remove tough dirt and stains, and even smoke or nicotine from glass.  There was a warning though.  Ammonia can and will discolor window tinting and make it peal from the glass, so avoid using inside you car or windows that have window film on them.

How often should windows be cleaned?

Window cleaning in Arizona is different than most other parts of the US.  It’s hot, and dusty here with very little wind or rain.  The summer monsoons that roll through in July and August sometimes bring massive dust storms called Haboobs.  These storms can cover the entire Phoenix area in a thick layer of dust.

If you are a business owner, you will probably want to setup a quarterly window washing schedule to keep you place looking it’s best when customers come in.  For homeowners, 2 or 3 times per year is minimum.  Once in early spring, once during or right after the monsoons, and once again in November.

Some of our customers have us clean their outside windows monthly, and only do the inside windows one or two times a year.

How do you clean storefront windows?

As a business owner who owns a building with a gorgeous glass storefront and a lot of windows, you should put huge emphases on cleaning your windows regularly. This will bring new customers over to your physical business or office and will dramatically increase your image in the eyes of new customers.

To do the best window cleaning job, you will need to get a scrubber, large bucket, squeegee, dishwasher liquid, towels, microfiber cloth, and of course plenty of water. The procedure is simply basic:

1. Add a couple of drops of dishwasher liquid in the warm water

2. Mix the content in the large bucket

3. Wet the scrubber and remove the dirt from the windows

4. Finish the cleaning operation using the squeegee to remove excess water

5. Use the microfiber cloth to polish the windows and make them shine

Don’t forget to wipe clean the window frames. Repeat this procedure every week and you’ll be able to enjoy flawless storefront windows that will entice potential customers to come inside your shop.

How is DI water used when cleaning windows?

When it comes to cleaning windows, it is crucial to use pure water that dry spot-free. De-ionized (DI) water  removes all the ions from the regular tap water that contains trace amounts of minerals like calcium and sodium. The conventional water is exposed to electrically charged resins that are attracted to the salts and eventually, removed. The electro-deionization process filters out the dissolved minerals and ensures the water is pure down to a measurement of 0 PPM (parts per million).

Now that we have pure H2O, a brush is used to scrub off the dirt from the windows and then rinsed completely using the pure DI water. Regular Tap water is filled with minerals that leave deposits on your windows and form a noticeable foggy film. Pure water obtained through de-ionization leaves no deposits and requires no squeegee as it dries naturally to a crystal-clear and immaculate shine.

This method allow us to provide you streak-free window washing that leaves your home or business windows spotless.

How do you use a window cleaning pole?

In order to properly use a window cleaning pole, it is important to first adjust the pole to make sure that is of the proper height of the window you wish to clean. Always start with the top of the window with gentle agitation to dislodge any dirt, cobwebs, or debris. Use the flow valve or control to regulate the dispersion of the purified water. By starting at the top and then working your way down, you ensure that you aren’t bringing any of that dirt down on to the window later on during the cleaning process.

A top to bottom technique is typically recommended. After scrubbing the top of the window, you will then work your way down in an up-and-down motion to scrub and rinse the rest of the window. Finally, in a similar way as you scrubbed the top of the window, gently agitate the bottom in a back-and-forth motion before rinsing the entire window one more time to guarantee its cleanliness.

Most of our Gilbert window cleaners use poles on a daily basis to clean windows.  It’s also a much faster way to work, and helps keep our feet on the ground for safety as well.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

A professional window cleaners using a squeegee
A professional window cleaners using a squeegee

You always have the option to hire a professional window cleaner if you cannot handle the work yourself. But it does cost plenty of money.

You will likely spend at least $250 on a professional window cleaning service for your home. You could spend $150 on the service if you have a smaller home with fewer windows.

The cost to hire a cleaner will entail many charges:

* Call-out cost: The charge covers the expenses of reaching your property and preparing the cleaning materials.
* Windows: Expect to spend at least $10 per window.
* How high the windows are: You could spend up to twice as much to have someone clean a window on a second or third story. The worker must use extra safety equipment here.
* Screens: Some cleaners can also clean out the screens covering your windows. You could spend up to $5 to have someone remove a screen, clean it out, and place it again.

Some cleaners may also charge a flat rate of $40 to $70 per hour. It can take about two to three hours to complete the job, so you can expect to pay at least $150 if the cleaner uses this charging method.

-Special thanks to Tropical HCS Window Cleaning in Orlando for this information!

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

As with most types of jobs, window cleaning prices can vary quite a bit. The type of windows you have, where the job is being done, how many stories there are and who’s doing the work will all play a role in setting the price. Generally speaking it should cost anywhere between $30-$75 per hour for one man crew services. Prices range from $35 to $98 per hour for 2-3 man crews before any discounts. So if we’re comparing apples to apples, you can expect someone with an hourly rate of $28 to charge around $36-$41 per square foot because their pricing structure includes overhead costs such as taxes. This is high quality service that comes with both exterior and interior cleaning included.

Visit Squeegee Pros for more information here:

how much does it cost to get outside windows cleaned?

It costs $240-$260 on average. You can often get better prices if you offer to pay in cash, make an appointment or sign up for a repeat service. The key is to find what fits your schedule! If you don’t have a busy schedule and need your windows cleaned weekly, make an appointment with a company that specializes in contract jobs and they’ll charge around $5-10 per window.

The most important thing is find something that suits your needs and goes within your budget – so compare various local window washing providers.

This fantastic information was brought to us from Tom at TLC Window Cleaning Services.  You can visit them at:

Is window cleaning a good business?

Window cleaning can be a good business, but you must do it properly in order to get the best results from your customers and keep them coming back. There are many tricks of the trade that professionals use for commercial window cleaning that others just don’t know about. Keep reading to learn more!

Window washing is a service where professionals apply products or solutions to glass surfaces in order to clean them, sharpen their appearance or repair damage. One important thing people often overlook when deciding whether or not to hire window cleaners is that windows have two sides – the outside and inside. You’re looking at an old dirty pane of glass right now.

-Jim from 1st Class Clean Window Cleaning provided this text for us.

What is the average cost for window cleaning?

modern dollar sign paper money symbol isolated vector 33921143

Average price for window cleaning will depend on the type of windows you have, how dirty they are, how many windows there are, and whether you want an exterior wash. The best way to find out is to get three quotes from different companies in your neighborhood. If one company can do a good job of all your windows and your neighbor’s for $200 then that would be a good idea if you don’t mind not specifying the details when it comes time to pay. Some people like being more specific about what they expect, while some prefer not knowing because then they can’t hold someone else responsible for “walking away from” detail. Whatever works out better for you should be followed through with.”

The average cost typically hovers around $200 for all inside & outside window washing services.

Thanks to Byron at Ambassador Window Cleaning in South Carolina for providing us with this answer.  You can visit his website here:



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